Day 25: Sweet Potato Stuffing

The season of stuffings and dressings is coming. Hooray! It's one of my favorite holiday foods. So, I was quite fascinated by today's post which is a surprisingly simple one - Sweet Potato Stuffing from The New American Cook Book, ca. 1942! (Stuffing is for stuffing the turkey, dressing is if you put it on the side.)

I grew up on Northern cornbread dressing, while my husband grew up on Stove Top, a classic American flavor of its own. So, when Thanksgiving time rolls around, I put both kinds on the table, because it just wouldn't be the same without each of our family's traditions. (Though, I found a delicious recipe that's similar in taste to Stove Top, but I can make it from scratch.) That makes for a lot of dressing!

I'm curious about this one though. Sweet potato as the base... which would make it a sweeter version I'm guessing? I like the option of adding ground sausage to the stuffing too. Maybe I try this one for Christmas! :-)


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