Day 26: Durkee's Oleomargarine Ad

In celebration of the coming turkey times, I thought this autumn-themed ad for Durkee's Oleomargarine from the November 1944 Ladies Home Journal was a lot of fun for today's post. It almost makes you feel sorry for that poor turkey! (And I'm rather amused that Durkee rhymes with turkey. heehee!)

I know roasting is the main way to cook a turkey, and has been for a long time. Then there's the popular frying in peanut oil of the turkey, which my uncle does. My step-mom has made TurDucken a few times - a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. I always miss those years, which makes me sad, because how yummy would that be?!

However, what I do, is something I took from my mom's no-fuss way: Crock Pot Turkey. I cook the salted and seasoned turkey in the oven with a baking bag, debone it, and refrigerate the meat juices and the meat separately. Thanksgiving morning, I remove the solidified fat from the juices and put the juices in the crock pot with the meat and let it all stew for a few hours. That way, the stress of cooking the turkey was done in advance, and we have hot, super-juicy turkey for Thanksgiving Day! (I'm a big fan of the no stress.) Oh, it is soooo good. Yum!

All this talk of turkey has me hankering after turkey now. Enjoy the ad!

Durkee's Oleomargarine Ad
Ladies Home Journal, Nov 1944

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