Day 31: Coca-Cola Halloween Party + a Bonus Recipe!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

The last post in my series is this fantastic Coke ad from the November 1944 issue of the Ladies Home Journal. For wartime Halloween, parties over trick o' treating were really encouraged, and this is a great illustration of that. I really like the action in this picture and seeing all the teens' costumes - especially that weird ghost one with the pumpkin head! haha!

Halloween Coke Ad
Ladies Home Journal, Nov. 1944
I also found an interesting article about Halloween in wartime that I thought you might enjoy:
America in WWII - "A Wartime Halloween". Wartime affected Halloween traditions quite a bit!

And now for the bonus recipe!

My friend, Loris, loaned me her October 1941 issue of Woman's Home Companion, since she knew I was working on this project. The back of the magazine had this huge, amazing looking Pillsbury ad, and it immediately caught my eye. I thought it would be the perfect ending to my series along with the Coke ad.

Cranberry Apple Pie
Woman's Home Companion, ca. 1941
Cranberry apple is a fantastic combination, but this recipe is interesting in that it has you add orange juice and ground orange rind to the pie crust. Yum! The only problem - it calls for halving the cranberries. Man, what a pain! haha!

I also love these little bits on the side.

Here's a variation for Mock Cherry using cranberries and raisins! What a neat idea! I will definitely have to test that one out.

A standard apple pie, with not only white sugar, but brown as well. This magazine was published before the war and sugar rationing, so no being shy with granulated sugar here!

Now the really cool thing - each bag of Pillsbury had Thrift Stars you could collect and turn in for silk stockings and other "valuable merchandise." Pretty cool! Too bad we still can't do that... haha!

Thanks for joining me for my series "A Month of Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food!" It's been a lot of fun, and I hope you've come away inspired with some 1940s wartime recipes to try. 

I had so much fun, I just might do a series for each season, though maybe only posting once a week during the season. I have a busy time ahead with expecting a baby this winter and all! :-)

Have a wonderful autumn season!


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