Day 6: October Line A Day

Ladies Home Journal had this fun series called "Line A Day" by Ann Batchelder. Every month, there was a page for that month with a line per day that you could read. Bits of advice, observations, recipes ideas were all included. It was pretty much a 1940s version of Twitter without the hashtags! I love reading these, and some of the lines are quite humorous! I especially like the fall theme of this October 1942 edition.

I like the poem that accompanies this one too. It's a bit blurry in the photo, so I'll type it here:

The earth is free again,
After the harvest's burning.
Furrows unleashed from pain
On this autumnal morning.

Here the rolled furrows lie,
Wait the expectant seed.
Impatient to meet the high
Experience of need.

October 1942, Ladies Home Journal
 I separated out the columns so you could read them more easily.

Day 2 is interesting. She mentions the availability of "frosted clams". Frosted was a word used for frozen food. In the early days of the frozen food industry, the term "frozen food" had a negative connotation as it meant food that had been frost-bitten. So, to keep the new quick-frozen foods separate from the bad frozen foods in consumers' minds, they termed it "frosted foods".
(I wrote my college capstone paper on the advent of the frozen food industry in the 1930s! Such a fun topic!) :-)


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