Day 7: Glazed Sweet-Potato Balls

Today's installment of "A Month of Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food" is an intriguing recipe from the November 1944 issue of Ladies Home Journal. It involves sweet potatoes, which reminds me of my own sweet potato harvest this season.

It's about the only thing that successfully grew this year, despite the weeds and lackluster watering on my part. And the funny thing, is that my chickens discovered it before I did! I'd given up on my garden, so had let the chickens back in to battle back the weeds and bugs, but a few of them were a little too interested in the patch where I had planted the sweet potatoes. That's how I discovered them pecking these huge sweet potatoes just barely covered by dirt! I still have half the bed to dig, but I've already recovered quite a few, baked, and frozen them ready for some tasty recipes - like this one!

It's called Glazed Sweet-Potato Balls, and they're rolled... in peanuts! The cooking technique is interesting too - cooking it in butter and molasses (which is the glazed part, of course.) I wonder how well they'd hold together... This would be a very fun side dish to an autumn meal, and I hope to be able to give it a try soon.

Glazed Sweet-Potato Balls
Ladies Home Journal, November 1944


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