Day 9: Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin bread is really popular here in the USA, especially around this time of year. My favorite pumpkin is the Sunshine Pumpkin. It's small, has dark orange skin, and a vivid deep orange flesh once it's baked. It makes the most divine pumpkin pie and anything else pumpkin! I grew some last year and still have some sitting in my freezer, baked, mashed, and ready for being put into something yummy.

I think today's post in the series would be a great candidate for my favorite pumpkin - Pumpkin Cake! I know - pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice everything right now, including Oreos, but I don't think I've seen pumpkin cake! (Though I'm sure it's out there somewhere.)

If you're curious, I'd definitely give this one a try. And canned pumpkin will do just fine. :-)

Pumpkin Cake
New American Cook Book, ca. 1945
P.S. You can use buttermilk or milk with a bit of lemon juice added to it for the sour milk. Sour milk is literally milk that has soured, but hasn't gone bad. You can tell a difference when you smell it. It's always nice finding recipes that call for sour milk, because it's hard throwing all of that milk away. The only milk I've had that's gone sour, and not bad, is low-temp pasteurized milk that I've gotten at the health food store. 


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