Goals for 2017

I've loved using my 1930s double waffle iron. It sure makes some tasty waffles!
I'll post about the recipe soon!
I can't believe 2017 is just around the corner! I've had a lot on my plate with our baby in the NICU and Christmas, but now that the holidays are winding down, I've been thinking about my goals for my blog in the coming year.

One thing I'm determined to do more of is ration cooking! I've added quite a few more ration cookbooks to my collection, so I have a lot of material to play with - especially banana recipes. I'm not sure why, but I have this weird fascination with the banana recipes from the 30s and 40s - and surprisingly there are a lot! In fact, I just ordered a 1940s banana cookbook! Isn't that wild? haha! A whole cookbook dedicated to bananas. I've run across some banana recipe doozies in my other cookbooks, but one I'm definitely going to try is banana donuts. Why has this recipe disappeared in today's world? Banana Donuts seem totally logical to me!

So, anyway, I'm hoping to cook at least 2 new recipes a month and post about it. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm trying to be realistic. Our baby will be coming home soon, and then I'll have my hands full for sure! Two is a good number, I think, and if I can manage, I'll do more.

My second goal involves sewing - of course! I have a whole host of sewing projects in the works, and they're piling up! Here's a short list: 1940s little girl's jumper, 1930s/40s house dress for me, 1940s overalls, late 1700s short gown and jacket, late 1700s corset (finally! sheesh! I've had this pattern for 2 years now! Maybe 3?), and possible a boy's waistcoat as my son keeps getting taller, and I'm pretty sure he's grown out of the one I made him. And I'm thinking some 1940s baby clothes too for our newest addition. I'm hoping we'll make it out to 2 or 3 events this year: Graeme Park, PA; Conneaut, OH; and Ike's Farm, PA. I wish we could do more, but it's been so long since we've had a little baby, I'm not sure what to expect!

My third goal involves writing, though that isn't too related to this blog. I'd like to finish the first draft of the modern love story I'm working on and get to work on the 2nd draft, but then I'd like to dig into the research for my second WWII novel I have planned. It involves American agriculture and education - both of which I know so little! I have a few leads to start off with, but I think the research alone is going to take me a good portion of this year, if I'm lucky. I'm wondering if I might be able to squeeze in a research visit to the National Archives like I've been dying to do since I moved out to Maryland! Wouldn't that be fun??

So, the goals are nothing new, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic. I think I have some fun adventures ahead for me!

Here's to a Happy and Fantastic New Year!!


  1. Sounds like an exciting year ahead! I can't wait to see all those banana recipes! Yay for cooking, sewing and writing!


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