Ration Recipe: Banana Tea Bread

I was so excited to find and purchase a 1940s cookbook pamphlet dedicated entirely to bananas! I don't know what it is about banana recipes from the early 1900s, but they are so fascinating. Mostly because they can be so bizarre! I wanted to try some of them

With my eye on the banana recipes in my future, I wanted to try the one for Banana Tea Bread from The New American Cook Book, ca. 1945. Definitely not a scary one, but I wanted to see what made it a tea bread and different from a regular modern banana bread.

This recipe looks pretty much like a banana bread recipe, except maybe for not using vanilla. So, you know what I did? I tasted the complete batter without the vanilla, then added it. And it was definitely better with the vanilla, though it wasn't bad without. I'd just like to say it improved it by a smidge. Yeah, it's cheating on the recipe, but at least I tasted the batter beforehand! Ha!

The end result was not that surprising except for one thing. It really tasted like banana bread like you'd expect, except - the texture was very light! When I think of banana bread I think yummy, but dense. But this bread had all that sifting going on, and that makes a huge difference! The crumb is much more delicate. So interesting!

The New American Cook Book, ca. 1945

This is definitely a keeper. I'd recommend trying it, just to experience that wonderful, light texture.


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