2017 Sewing Challenges

Leimomi over at The Dreamstress started another year of monthly sewing challenges for The Historical Sew Monthly. I'm a wee bit behind in posting about it, but here are her challenges:

January: Firsts & Lasts - Create either
the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on
an outfit.

February: Re-Make, Re-Use, Re-Fashion - Sew
something that pays homage to the historical idea of re-using, re-making and
re-fashioning. Turn one thing into another. Re-fit or re-fashion an old gown
into something you would wear again. Re-trim a hat for a new outfit, or
re-shape a modern hat to be a historical hat. Re-purpose the fabric from an old
garment (your own or a commercial one) into a new garment.

March: The Great Outdoors - Get out into
the weather and dirt with an item for outdoor pursuits.

April: Circles, Squares & Rectangles -
Many historical garments, and the costumes of many people around the world, use
basic geometric shapes as their basis. In this challenge make a garment made
entirely of squares, rectangles and circles

May: Literature - The written word has
commemorated and immortalised fashions for centuries, from the ‘gleaming’
clothes that Trojans wore before the war, to Desdemona’s handkerchief, ‘spotted
with strawberries’, to Meg in Belle Moffat’s borrowed ballgown, and Anne’s
longed for puffed sleeves. In this challenge make something inspired by
literature: whether you recreate a garment or accessory mentioned in a book,
poem or play, or dress your favourite historical literary character as you
imagine them.

June: Metallics - make something in silver,
gold, bronze, and copper, whether it be an actual metal, cloth of gold or
silver, or lamé.

July: Fashion Plate - Make an outfit
inspired by a fashion plate, whether it is a direct replica, or a more toned
down version that fits the resources and lifestyle of the character you are
portraying. If you want to stick to a period prior to the 17th century advent
of fashion plates, either re-interpret a Victorian ‘historical’ fashion
illustration as period accurate, or use an image from your period that depicts
an idealised and aspirational fashion.

August: Ridiculous - Fashion is sometimes a
little silly, and historical fashions can look particularly odd. Make something
that was considered outrageous in its own time, or is just utterly ridiculous
to modern eyes.

September: Seen Onscreen - Be inspired by
period fashions as shown onscreen (film or TV), and recreate your favourite
historical costume as a historically accurate period piece.

October: Out of Your Comfort Zone - Create
a garment from a time period you haven’t done before, or that uses a new skill
or technique that you’ve never tried before.

November: HSF Inspiration - One of the best
things about the HSF is seeing what everyone else creates, and using it to
spark your own creativity. Be inspired by something that has been made for the
HSF over the years to make your own fabulous item.

December: Go Wild - You can interpret this
challenge as an excuse to make something that incorporates animal print, or
wild animals in some way, or to simply make something wild and over the top.

I've got a pretty good start, though I've only finished
one of the challenges. Her dates for the challenge stop after the 1930s, so I
can't really count my 1940s sewing for her challenges on Facebook, but I can on
my blog! This is what I'm planning so far:

January: 18th century petticoat - the first in my
own outfit! By the time I finish, my kids will be in need of new clothing
themselves. *sigh* (This one is finished! I just need to post about it.)

February: remaking a modern brown wool hat into a 1940s British Women's
Land Army hat! I found someone else who did it, so I am really excited to try
this out. I'd much rather not fork out over $80 for one someone else made!

March: 1940s denim overalls. (these are almost finished!)

April: An 18th century cap. I know these are easy, but why do they intimidate me so much??

May: My friend Mairi and I are planning on coordinating with this one. We're both planning outfits from one of our favorite authors - Temple Bailey! She'll make an outfit from one of her earlier books in the '20s, and I'll make one from one of her later books in the '40s! Doesn't that sound fun?

June: no clue yet

July: uuhhh...

August: Hmm...

September: Maybe something from Emma, or Home Fires, or something along those lines?

October: Oh my gosh. I may just have to do those darn bound button holes!

November: I need to have a look around, but may skip this one.

December: I'll need some more time to think this one through.


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