Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 5 - Banana Pecan Ice Cream

Today's Vintage Banana Tuesday recipe is for Banana Pecan Ice Cream found in the 1941 Culinary Arts Institute pamphlet for 250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts.

Doesn't Banana Pecan Ice Cream just sound delicious? The only thing I've been wondering about is the addition of lemon juice in ice cream in the 1940s. Back in 2014 I made a ration recipe for Peanut Brittle Ice Cream. The lemon juice in that recipe made it taste funky and didn't seem to serve a purpose. I can see with the banana it might keep it from turning brown maybe... Maybe I should try versions of it with and without the lemon juice to see the difference. Either way, bananas and pecans are a winning combination, so there can't be much to go wrong, I would think!

Definitely try this one! And if you don't feel up to making your own ice cream, get some Butter Pecan Ice Cream, mix in some banana and you can enjoy very similar, vintage flavor combination in a fraction of the time!


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