Vintage Banana Tuesdays: Day 2 - Shrimp and Banana Salad

I remembered in the nick of time that today was Tuesday and I hadn't posted my vintage banana recipe for today! It's been a crazy day and I've been having a hard time remembering that it wasn't still Monday. haha!

Today's recipe is for Shrimp and Banana Salad from This Way to the Banana Bazaar. It doesn't have a date inside the booklet, but I'm pretty sure it's late 1930s - early 1940. There's no mention of rationing inside and I'm sure bananas were hard to get during the war. 

Anyway, my older brother raves about banana and tuna fish sandwiches. Apparently an Australian he met in Japan turned him onto that weird concoction. I just don't get the whole seafood and banana thing. Why?! I guess the only answer would be to try it, but my insides quiver with fear while my stomach whimpers, "No... Please don't make me..." haha!

What do you think?


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