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Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 10 - Banana Butterscotch Pie

I guess you could say I'm still recovering from the idea that I actually  tried that recipe for Baked Ham and Bananas. I felt this week's vintage banana recipe for Banana Butterscotch Pie was to help make up for that scary experience. Haha! This recipe comes from these new cookbooks that I found by the Culinary Arts Institute. They come as a series and are published well into the '50s and possibly the 60s. I recently found a few published during the 1940s. This particular issue was published pre-war in 1940.  I thought this picture below was for the Banana Butterscotch Pie, but it's not! It's the Sour Cream Raisin Pie that they suggest you decorate with fruit. Like bananas. I could see that working. Here's the Banana Butterscotch Pie. The bananas are hidden beneath the whipped cream. Yum. I could see myself eating some of this. What do you think?

Repairing an Old Quilt + Fabric Photos!

I picked up a pretty quilt from one of my favorite antique malls for a really good deal. I couldn't tell when the quilt had been made, but it had a ton of feedsack fabric in it. I'm not experienced enough to know if all the fabrics are from the 1930s, but I was happy to finally own a quilt like this! There were a few pieces that were in tatters, so I got out my reproduction '30s fabric and patched them up! It was a fun, satisfying little project. Pretty threadbare! Patching with reproduction fabric This patch got special treatment - I used a scrap of original feedsack fabric I bought at a WWII event My quilt has such pretty vintage fabric that I really wanted to share it! Awhile back, I posted about my friend's 1930s signature quilt which had a lot of great of fabric too. If you're just starting out learning how to identify fabric from this time period, I think quilts are amazing resources. This post has been a labor of love. I've got 29 d

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 9 - Rhubarb and Banana Pudding

Rhubarb and Banana Pudding The Wartime Cook Book, ca. 1942 I've posted about this recipe before on my blog, but since I'm doing this vintage banana recipe series, I felt this recipe for Rhubarb and Banana Pudding definitely needed to be revisited because of the interesting pairing of rhubarb and banana! Here's the link for my previous post about it. I go over it pretty thoroughly. Since rhubarb is in season, you might want to try this one! Rhubarb and Banana Pudding

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 8 - Baked Ham & Bananas

So, last week I determined that I needed to stop being a sissy about the dinner banana recipes and decided I'd try one out for Mother's Day. The recipe I chose? Baked Ham & Bananas. Sounds innocent enough.... Yeah right. Who am I kidding??! I got this recipe from my 1930 cookbook Bananas in the Modern Manner . This cookbook is chock full of banana recipe oddities, but like my friend Loris has told me, they were obsessed with bananas in the 1920s and 30s. It was an exotic fruit and cookbooks like this one aren't really a surprise because the consumer needed to know how to use this new and nutritionally valuable food product. I really love the artwork from this period. Isn't this cover art great? One neat thing about this cookbook is this information about bananas. I normally don't pay much attention to how a banana looks. I know if it's too green it tastes dry, hard, and sour and if it's too brown it tastes sickly sweet and mushy. So, I eat

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 7- Banana Devil's Food Cake

I'm a day late posting on here, but I did post it on Instagram yesterday! This week's banana recipe found in my Lily Wallace's New American Cook Book was hard to pass up - Banana Devil's Food Cake! This promises to be a moist, delicious twist on an old classic. I will definitely be giving this one a try the next time I have an excuse to make a cake. Ha! Banana Devil's Food Cake Lily Wallace New American Cook Book, ca. 1945

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 6 - Banana Omelet

Oops! I'm a day late, but yesterday was busy, and I only managed to post the new banana recipe on Instagram. I'm still getting a handle on adding a baby to our daily mix, and he's getting older and staying awake longer which means I don't get nearly as much done as I did before between naps. Ack! Such is life with baby. :-) Published 1930 If you remember from a previous banana post about the 1930s ad/recipe for Bananas in Orange Juice, this booklet was mentioned at the bottom. I was super, duper excited to actually find that little booklet,  Bananas in the Modern Manner (1930), from a seller on Amazon. Today's recipe comes from this fun little booklet chock full of interesting banana recipes. Banana Omelet! At first I thought, well, maybe this is just a fancy version of a crepe recipe. But it's not, because there isn't any flour. It really is just a straight up omelet... with sugar and butter added. I think this one could be pretty tasty. What do you