Repairing an Old Quilt + Fabric Photos!

I picked up a pretty quilt from one of my favorite antique malls for a really good deal. I couldn't tell when the quilt had been made, but it had a ton of feedsack fabric in it. I'm not experienced enough to know if all the fabrics are from the 1930s, but I was happy to finally own a quilt like this! There were a few pieces that were in tatters, so I got out my reproduction '30s fabric and patched them up! It was a fun, satisfying little project.

Pretty threadbare!

Patching with reproduction fabric

This patch got special treatment -
I used a scrap of original feedsack fabric I bought at a WWII event

My quilt has such pretty vintage fabric that I really wanted to share it! Awhile back, I posted about my friend's 1930s signature quilt which had a lot of great of fabric too. If you're just starting out learning how to identify fabric from this time period, I think quilts are amazing resources.

This post has been a labor of love. I've got 29 different fabrics from my quilt shown below, and that's not even all of them! It was a long process cropping, watermarking, compressing, and uploading all the photos, but it was all totally worth it! There are so many gorgeous prints and a few fun printed plaids. Which one (or more!) is your favorite? One of my favorites reminds me of birdhouses. Can you spot it below?
(I used a penny to help give the prints some proper scale when you look at them.)


And here is a picture of the full quilt. It's queen-sized and a bit of a crazy quilt. I really love it!


  1. I love those Prints! It's too hard to pick a favourite. I bet it was fun restoring it.


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