Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 10 - Banana Butterscotch Pie

I guess you could say I'm still recovering from the idea that I actually tried that recipe for Baked Ham and Bananas. I felt this week's vintage banana recipe for Banana Butterscotch Pie was to help make up for that scary experience. Haha!

This recipe comes from these new cookbooks that I found by the Culinary Arts Institute. They come as a series and are published well into the '50s and possibly the 60s. I recently found a few published during the 1940s. This particular issue was published pre-war in 1940.

 I thought this picture below was for the Banana Butterscotch Pie, but it's not! It's the Sour Cream Raisin Pie that they suggest you decorate with fruit. Like bananas. I could see that working.

Here's the Banana Butterscotch Pie. The bananas are hidden beneath the whipped cream. Yum. I could see myself eating some of this. What do you think?


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