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Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 14 - South Sea Island Cake

Isn't this cover amazing? It would make a really cool fabric. I used this for the background of my blog! 😉 The very name alone for this 1940 recipe from the Royal Cook Book evokes such an iconic image, doesn't it?? I was looking for more banana recipes and opened up this cookbook pamphlet from the Royal Baking Powder Company to just see what it had to offer. I was surprised by how many recipes used bananas, so you'll be seeing more of these in the future. Hooray! This recipe really caught my eye because of the exotic title and the use of banana and pineapple together. It's a no brainer to me. And don't you think sprinkling the top of the cake with a bit of coconut would be divine? Yum! I'm going to have to try this one!

Daniel Boone Homestead, Pennsylvania

It's been awhile since I've posted about a museum, let alone visited a museum, but for good reason. Our baby is six months old, and I'm finally getting the hang of taking him out for longer times. I'm hoping to make it to some museums soon, but in the mean time I have a museum to share with you that we visited last year but never got to post about. I took my kids on a field trip to the Daniel Boone Homestead in August last year, 2016.  I have a personal family connection with Daniel Boone. Some of my ancestors on my mom's side traveled with him west to the Kentucky wilds to settle. They stayed there for a few generations before spreading out to Indiana and Illinois. Besides the homestead house, a cabin, and a barn, there is a really neat 18th century vertical water-powered sawmill on the property. From their website it says, "This water-powered, vertical-blade sawmill was built in Oley Township by Daniel Bertolet in the late-18th or early-19th century and wa

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 13 - Banana Coffee Cake

This week's vintage banana recipe is a yummy-sounding one: Banana Coffee Cake! I found it in The Working Girl's Own Cook Book , ca. 1950. I got this cookbook awhile ago, but haven't had a chance to peruse through it much. I was happy it gave me a banana recipe! I like the premise of the book, so I will definitely need to go through this one at a more leisurely pace instead of just flipping through the index at the back looking for code word "banana". haha!

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 12 - Bananas Broiled in Bacon Strips

I'm posting a bit late, though I did post it earlier on Instagram. This week's vintage banana recipe is from my 1930 cookbook Bananas in the Modern Manner . It's for Bananas Broiled in Bacon Strips. It shows some promise, I think! From Bananas in the Modern Manner , ca. 1930

Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 11 - Banana Fritters

This week's vintage banana recipe for Banana Fritters comes from my 1945 copy of Watkins Cook Book .  At first glance, it looks like a simple fritter recipe, but the Fruit Sauce that goes with it is what makes this one interesting! I can't say that I've had whole fruit fritters before, so I need to give these a try. Yum!