Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 17 - Banana Meat Loaf

I am so excited to show you this new banana cookbook I acquired recently entitled Bananas...How to Serve Them, ca. 1941!

The illustrations are adorably amusing, and I'll show them in future posts. In addition, there are a ton of fabulous recipes, including today's very interesting recipe for Banana Meatloaf. I actually ran across a mention of it on another blog and knew I had to hunt down this cookbook just for this recipe alone.

So... are you brave enough to try this one? I'm still considering it. Once I make it for dinner, it's a commitment, you know? We have to eat it. 😨

Hmm... I imagine it actually might make the meatloaf quite moist.

Well, here's the recipe! Give it a go if you dare!


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