Vintage Banana Tuesday: Day 20 - Ham Banana Rolls

You thought I was done with the ham & banana combo, didn't you?

Well, I'm not! Mwahahahaha!

Apparently... from what I've heard from a source which shall remain anonymous, this recipe is shockingly, surprisingly good. I have a hard time believing it could be true... Especially when there's cheese sauce involved. Yes. It's true. Cheese Sauce.

Behold!!! Ham Banana Rolls!

This ad from Chiquita Banana, ca. December 1947 is floating around the internet. I tried to pinpoint where it came from, but had no luck. I did, however, find this same recipe in one of my banana cookbooks - to serve them, ca. 1941:

Don't they look inviting?
Hmm... maybe not.
The real question is why this recipe had been floating around for 6 years!

My son and I couldn't leave this alone, though. Something had to be done. 

We felt some graffiti was in order... 

Hahahaha! Oh my gosh. I love this so much.

Happy Vintage Banana Tuesday!


  1. Haha! Love the graffiti. And that picture just asks for it! Cheese sauce and bananas. Shudder!


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