Autumn Wartime: Week 4 - Cranberry Sponge Pudding

This week's recipe for the series is Cranberry Sponge Pudding from the 1936 edition of Rumford Complete Cookbook. It sounds very British using the words "sponge" and "pudding", but with the American twist of the cranberries. It also sounds absolutely delicious! Who wouldn't want cake smothered in cranberry sauce and warm custard?? I know I would. This one is going in the holiday to-bake recipe pile. Which gets bigger every year. I didn't get to do much holiday baking because of a crazy and agonizing last few months of pregnancy, so I'm determined to make up for it this year! And you all know how much I love vintage cranberry recipes... 😁

Speaking of cranberry recipes. I've been trying to keep my kids stocked with homemade vintage cookies when I can. So, about a month ago I dared to try a recipe from my 1941 Cape Cod Cranberry Cook Book for Gingerbread Cookies with cubes of cranberry pressed into the middle. And you know what? They were completely awesome! My kids even raved about them and asked for them day after day. It made a big batch, so we didn't quite reach the end before we had to throw them to the chickens, but it was a successful trial (which is always a bonus where vintage recipes are concerned.)

Who knew that gingerbread and cranberry sauce would go so well together. It was the earthy mellow sweetness of the molasses and spices paired with the bright tartness of the cranberry. I was also convinced that the cranberry sauce would melt, but it didn't! The 1940s strike again! Those recipes never cease to amaze me.


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