Autumn Wartime: Week 6 - Apple Griddle Cakes

This week's post for Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food is for Apple Griddle Cakes from Thrifty Cooking for Wartime, ca. 1942. Last weekend I wanted to make some pancakes, so I usually turn to my ration cookbooks to try a new recipe each time. I came upon this one that used grated apples (see the first image near the bottom). We just got some yummy Cameo orchard apples, so it was the perfect, happy blend of food fate!

And, they sure were delicious. The batter was thicker than I normally make it, though I did substitute a bit of whole wheat flour. The apple isn't particularly strong, but I even put some applesauce on top - extra apple and extra good!

This recipe is a great one. And just check out all those variations! That's what this cookbook is all about - basic recipes with thrifty changes depending on what you have on hand. It's what makes this wartime cookbook one of my all time favorites!


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