Autumn Wartime: Week 8 - Time and Sugar Savers

NaNoWriMo is in full swing. Right now my word count stands at almost 17,000 words. Wow! 50,000 words seems so far away, but if I just keep plugging along, I'll get there eventually!

For this week's post in the series, I chose this neat article in the October 1942 issue of Farm Journal and Farmer's Wife  called "Time and Sugar Savers." The article emphasizes the time and sugar saving benefits of "semi-prepared puddings, gelatins, rennet custards, ice cream and cake mixes." Puddings,  flavored gelatins, and cake mixes came with sugar already in the mix, just like it does today, saving on the family's sugar ration. I think from this article we can begin to see the reliance on packaged, semi-prepared products in our culture. They'd been in existence before the war, but besides them being super convenient, the fact that they saved on sugar in wartime was, I'm sure, an extra boost in its popularity.

Take a look at the autumn-themed desserts at the top! 

Just four more weeks of Autumn! It's going to be hard choosing between all the fantastic, seasonal wartime recipes I have.


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