Autumn Wartime: Week 9 - Nut Pie

This week's post for Autumn Wartime Recipes and Food is Nut Pie. 
This month's issue of the modern Better Homes and Gardens magazine had a fabulous-looking pie on its cover of a pecan-looking pie, but using mixed nuts like cashews, peanuts, and almonds! Oh my, that idea was a revelation for me! 
So, now we can make the 1942 version from the Meta Givens Modern Family Cook Book. The recipe surprisingly doesn't have corn syrup, but then again some wartime published cookbooks tended to ignore that there was a war on. (Did you notice this pie has a meringue!!?!) If you make this pie for your holiday festivities, feel free to mix up your nuts! 😊


  1. I can’t wait to try this some time! I’m glad to know it turned out so successfully. You should do a follow-up post about that!


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