Autumn Wartime: Week 12 - Cranberry Apple Ice

Today, for us in Maryland, it's a chilly 38º F. They're forecasting snow for tomorrow. Wouldn't that be great? It's been awhile since we've had snow at this time of year. My kids would be thrilled.

However, for those of you who live in warmer climates, this recipe for Cranberry Apple Ice is perfect for some refreshing festive cheer! I know that Christmas time usually goes hand in hand with roaring fires, sledding, and snowmen, but let's face it - the warmer climates associated with Christmas largely get ignored, because it's not the charming wintery Currier & Ives portrait we imagine with the season. So, you tropical/desert lovelies, this recipe is for you!

It comes from a cookbook called Victory Recipes. It doesn't have a specific publication date, but looking at the introduction talking about the "brand new problem - point rationing", I'd say it was published 1943. 😊

One week left in this year's Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food series, folks! I'll be posting three recipes (maybe more if I'm up to it), so stay tuned!


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