Wartime Menu Challenge: April's Menus are Here!

For those of you that followed along for March - thank you! There were a lot of possible menus to try for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The recipes provided were sparse, so I had to look up quite a few supplemental recipes. Something I learned about myself is that following a menu every single day was extremely difficult for me. I think I averaged two menus a week. I guess that's what happens when you and your family are set in your ways! Especially for breakfast. My kids ran straight for the cereal every morning. Some days that was nice because it was easy, but that undermined any ration menu intentions I had planned! Besides for some time I've been wanting to get back to more homemade and less processed foods. So, I decided to do something about it....

I've given my kids fair warning, and I've stopped buying cereal. Whatever Cheerios we have left I'm saving for our baby-turning-toddler. Unless the breakfast menu says ready-made cereal, we're sticking with eggs (which we have coming out our ears with 15 laying hens!), breads like muffins and griddle cakes, or oatmeal. There's a month coming up where I feature breakfast menus, so we'll be all set!

Which leads me to April's menus! For April I'm featuring dinner menus. It will be a lot simpler than last month, and much more straight forward. I'm looking forward to trying so many of these recipes, and I hope you enjoy them too!

As always, please remember and respect all my hard work. I'm happy for you to spread the word! If you'd like to share the menus for others to try, please direct them here so they can download them directly from my blog. Thank you!

You can follow me on Instagram at sarahcrevistonlee or the hashtag #wartimemenuchallenge2018. You can also subscribe to my blog so you don't miss an update!

Download April's Menus Here!

(The menus are no longer available here, but more resources will be available soon at my new website American Victory Kitchen!)


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