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Wartime Menu Challenge: June - Cherry Cobbler

I was finally able to try a recipe from June's menus!  Don't worry. We didn't have Cherry Cobbler for a meal. haha! I consider this quite an accomplishment among all the craziness that is home remodeling. Here was the whole menu: Main Course Salad Cream of Wheat Rolls Cherry Cobbler Sigh. It's not like this month's menus are even that intense, but since we're remodeling the kitchen which is where I spend most of my time, it's very hard for me to recover from the chaos. Not to mention that we had to take my Hoosier out so we could put in countertops and cupboards where the Hoosier used to sit. The Hoosier held all of my baking stuff and it's been a nightmare trying to hunt down just basic ingredients. Gratefully, we put stuff back in the new cupboards, so I can get started on baking again. But it won't be the same without my Hoosier. 😥 sniff. Anyway, because it's cherry season, I knew I had to at least make this Cherry Cobbler!

Crickets... and a Museum Trip!

It's been a bit quiet around here, because I haven't been able to do ANY ration cooking. We've been in basics mode because we're remodeling our kitchen. My heart is crying right now from not being able to cook and bake like I want to! All this is temporary, I know, but it doesn't make it any easier. We're getting close to the end, and my husband is working so hard to get it all done. He's such a champ!! Since the house is a little bit chaotic as a result of the work, I've been taking the kids out and about. We've been to the National Capital Radio and Television Museum when my husband's mom was in town, the Hagerstown City Park just the other day (which has oodles of ducks and geese as well as a swan with lovely waterways), and various parks and play dates. Oh, and we've been around looking at houses, since we're hoping to sell soon. Today, we looked at a lovely 1930s brick home smack in the middle of cropland. The views were gorgeo

Wartime Menu Challenge: It's Time for June's Menus!

Wow, where did May go?? Because of construction in our kitchen, I didn't get as many of May's recipes made, which makes me sad. I think sandwich recipes are some of the most fun vintage recipes to try! June's menus are a bit on the lighter side. They feature luncheon menus from The Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book from 1944. This cookbook doesn't even mention rationing even with its wartime publication date, but I do like how this cookbook is laid out and it keeps to the seasonal cooking. The featured menu is for the June bride! That's a fun one. If you'd like to share these menus, and I hope you do, please share the link for this blog post. Thank you and enjoy! Get June's Menus Here! (The menus are no longer available here, but more resources will be available soon at my new website  American Victory Kitchen !)