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Wartime Menu Challenge: July - Griddlecakes

Griddlecakes, or pancakes, are a pretty standard feature around our house. I like trying new versions of the recipe to find different textures and variations on this American classic. Some of my favorite ration recipes for griddlecakes include Cornmeal Griddlecakes and Oatmeal Griddlecakes . The recipe in this menu for griddlecakes was a new variation for me in that it used a couple tablespoons of cornmeal. But first, let me show the menu: Applesauce or Apple Juice Griddlecakes and Corn Syrup or Poached Eggs on Toast Slab Bacon Milk, Coffee We love having applesauce on top of our pancakes or French Toast, so the applesauce suggestion was perfect. I used real maple syrup and some bacon ends I had in the depths of my freezer that I'd forgotten about. The griddlecake recipe was a good one! The cornmeal added a subtle texture that I thought was nice. It was great to have a familiar and easy meal for dinner!

Wartime Menu Challenge: July - Butterscotch Toast

I can't believe how long it's been since I've done some ration cooking. I've been going through withdrawals too, but when your kitchen is under renovation, there's not a whole lot you can do. Today's menu was something I fit into our regular dinnertime, even though this month's recipes focus on breakfast. I was thinking French Toast maybe, and knew one of the menus this month involved French Toast. Bingo! So here's the menu: Chilled Orange Juice or Canned Tomato Juice French Toast or Butterscotch Toast Maple-Flavored Sirup (original spelling!) Crisp Bacon Strips (slab bacon) Milk, Coffee This is what we actually ended up having due to not having some things on hand: Grapefruit Juice Butterscotch Toast Egg Scramble  with Ground Beef, reconstituted dehydrated red & green peppers, and onions Milk Having the protein in the meal was important to me, so I used some already cooked ground beef I had in the fridge, 7 of the b

Wartime Menu Challenge: July's Menus are Here!

Aah! The season of berries!  Due to crazy kitchen renovations and the stress that comes with all of that, I managed just the one measly recipe from all of June's menus. SIGH. So, June was a bust. I did manage to can 15 quarts of cherry pie filling though... Go figure that! But it is cherry season, and once those cherries are picked, you kind of have to do something about them. haha! Oh well, on to July. July is all about breakfast menus, so that should make things loads easier! Included is a bonus menu for a 4th of July dinner! Happy Birthday, America! Download July's Menus Here (The menus are no longer available here, but more resources will be available soon at my new website  American Victory Kitchen !)