Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 5 - Maple Tapioca Cream & Maple Sugar Diamonds

"The Old Method" from an article entitled "Maple Sugar Production"
The Bennington Banner, Aug. 20, 1891
Supplement, Image 5

Happy October! Have I already said that? I know it's the middle of October, but this past week has been filled with chilly weather, blustering winds, rain, and falling leaves. It finally feels like autumn has arrived! I've had the windows open to let the brisk coolness and natural autumn scents fill our house and it is so wonderful. These are some of my favorite days! This is actually the first autumn since we bought this house that I've been able to have all our windows open. We got the last of the new windows installed and to have screens in all the windows has been glorious! I can finally let all the wonderful seasonal goodness in without the plethora of insects accepting the invitation too.

Anyway, this week's maple recipes look so good. They come from the Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book from 1944. I want to try both of these - Maple Tapioca Cream and Maple Sugar Diamonds. I love tapioca, and this recipe looks amazing. Since I'm used to rich, thick, creamy modern tapioca, I'm not a fan of the vintage tapioca with beaten egg whites mixed in. It's just a weird, fluffy texture. So, when I make it, I might just leave that out.

The Maple Sugar Diamonds look really intriguing, especially with the combination of ginger and maple. This recipe might be a good one to make with my kids. I bought some maple sugar, so I'm all set! I'll post pictures when I get these made!


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