Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 6 - Maple Chiffon Pie & Maple Icing

Family Circle Magazine
November 9, 1945 - Vol. 27, No. 18
We're half way through the Vintage Autumn Celebration!

I've been living up the maple flavor this week - Maple Yogurt and Pumpkin Pecan Scones with Maple Glaze made with special dark maple syrup. That glaze was pretty mind-blowing! Do you have a favorite maple recipe? I'm always on the hunt for yummy mapley things!

I'm excited about this week's recipes from the 1946 edition of The Joy of Cooking.

The first recipe is for Maple Chiffon Pie that uses gelatine as the thickener. The second recipe for Maple Icing is interesting in that it uses cream, coffee, and Mapleine flavoring. 


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