Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 10 - Maple Cream Gingerale & Maple Caramels

Don't you just love the Western theme for this Canada Dry ad?

Even though we've got the Christmas tree up and everywhere we go, we're inundated with Christmas marketing, I'm still excited to continue with the Vintage Autumn Celebration. We've only got 3 weeks after this, and I want to savor every one!

I've realized that I haven't talked much about beverages in any of my wartime challenges or series, and I'm hoping to do a series next year focusing on 1940s wartime beverages to remedy that. In the meantime, the first recipe for this week is for Maple Cream Gingerale. And, let me tell you, this looks awesome! (Can anyone tell me why the drinks must be stirred with a silver fork? haha!)

Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book, 1944

The second recipe is for Maple Caramels. This sounds equally yummy. Caramel is about one of the few candies I actually enjoy eating. The rest I could take it or leave it. But a good caramel? Mmmmm....

The Joy of Cooking, 1946


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