Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 9 - Maple Cinnamon Buns & Maple Mousse


I'm introducing two new sources for this week's vintage maple recipes. The first is Maple Cinnamon Buns (YUM!) from Watkin's Cook Book from 1945. Watkins is well known for their spices and extracts. You can still get their products today. Vanilla is usually the easiest to find. I had a friend recommend the Watkin's cookbook, so I hunted down a wartime copy. I think this cinnamon bun recipe is the only maple one in there, but it sounded like a really good one! The cinnamon might overpower the maple flavor, but I think it's worth trying it out.

The second recipe is for Maple Mousse from a vintage cookbook with an interesting premise for the time - The Working Girl's Own Cook Book from 1950. This mousse sounds really good and I think it would be a great way for that lovely maple flavor to shine!


  1. I love this! My father's oldest brother (who was born in 1899) sold Watkins products door-to-door. Any time I see a reference to Watkins it brings back good memories. I wish you well with your debut historical novel. I learned about it today on The Chocolate Lady's Blog.

    1. Wow, how neat! I guess I didn't realize it was sold door to door. It was a very different time then, but it's great to see that the Watkins products are still around - they must be that good! Thank you very much for your good wishes!


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