History in the Kitchen - WWII: Day 3

Class - Day 3 of my homeschool co-op class focused on Sugar in wartime.

We talked about how long sugar was rationed (the longest out of anything else!) and why. We went into all the different sugar replacements that were available and suggested during the war. I thought it would be fun to explore sugar rationing by having the class try out different wartime drinks!

The first class tried-
Maple Cream Ginger Ale - 2 tsp. maple syrup, 1 Tbsp. heavy cream, fill the cup with ginger ale
Hot cocoa syrup with honey - 1 c. cocoa powder, 1 c. mild honey, salt, water, vanilla

The class really liked both drinks. The Maple Cream Ginger Ale was my personal favorite.

The second class tried-
Florida Milkshake: orange juice, grapefruit juice, sugar, evaporated milk, ice
Spiced Grape Punch: grape juice, water, sugar, lemon juice, cloves, & cinnamon

Most of the kids like both, though there were some that didn't like one or the other. I think the Florida Milkshake is the bomb. The Spiced Grape Punch is a really nice change from the standard winter spiced apple cider.

To cut all the sweetness of the drinks, I had both classes make this wartime open-faced sandwich: Broiled Baked Bean Sandwich. Guys, it was AMAZING!
Baked beans on toast, sprinkled with cheese with a slice of bacon cut in half on top and broiled until the bacon is crisp. Yuummmmmm! It's my favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner option. haha! The kids thought it was pretty great too, even some of the kids who normally didn't like baked beans. That says a lot for this wartime recipe! Kudos to you 1940s!

And now for the recipes!

from the Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book, 1944

from the Westinghouse Health-for-Victory booklet, December 1942
from the Victory Cook Book, by Lysol (date unknown)

from the Down-on-the-Farm Cook Book, 1943
And finally, from the wartime Heinz Recipe Book - Broiled Baked Bean Sandwich!


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