History in the Kitchen: WWII - Day 4

For Day 4 of the homeschool co-op class I'm teaching, we learned about the importance of meat in wartime and why it was so scarce.

We made the delicious Hot Ham Rolls, a variation of the Beef Biscuit Rolls I made before. It came from a sweet, tiny cookbook called 120 Wartime Meat Recipes. I really loved it, and so did most everyone in my class! It weirded a few of them out that it looked so much like cinnamon rolls when they came out of the oven and we smothered it in a white sauce. And it really does!

At home, I made it again for supper and made a cheese sauce by adding shredded cheddar cheese to the white sauce. It was a delicious variation!

Biscuit dough rolled flat, ground ham mixture spread all over and then it's all rolled up.
I like to slice rolls like this with dental floss! It's nice and strong and never breaks.

Ready in the pan. They're so pink and pretty!

Out of the oven and garnished with parsley.
This is a photo of the one I made with cheese sauce.

You're thinking Cinnamon Rolls, aren't you?

Hot Ham Rolls
from 120 Wartime Meat Recipes


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