History in the Kitchen - WWII: Day 7

Day 7 of the History in the Kitchen class we talked about the importance of veggies and how the government stressed the need to eat plenty of them to keep up your health and strength.
Because carrots were much used in British wartime rationing, I thought it would be fun to focus on America's take on carrots during the war. Enter the carrot recipes:

These are all recipes I've featured on the blog before -

Toasted Carrots

Grated Carrot Salad with French Dressing

Carrot Oatmeal Cookies

The recipes had mixed reviews. There were a few kids that detested carrots, so this day's recipes were a real challenge. The Toasted Carrots were by far the most bizarre, but the most surprising with a bit of a kick to them. I love the Grated Carrot Salad and serve it to my family every now and then. The Carrot Oatmeal Cookies are another favorite because they taste like mini carrot cake goodness!

It's enough to say that by the end we were all carroted out, but it was nice to explore some not-so-common ways to enjoy (or not!) such a common root vegetable!

Comment below on which carrot recipe below you would try!

Health-for-Victory Meal Planning Guide, Jan. 1944

(Here's the recipe for French Dressing recipe that I posted about before.)

Health-for-Victory Meal Planning Guide, Year 'Round Edition

Recipes for Victory and Vigor, approx. 1942-1945
Click here for the recipe → Toasted Carrots


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