The Diary of Mrs. X - Installment 4

I'm sorry it's been a terribly long while since I last posted about Mrs. X's diary. This entry is chock full of good stuff!

Friday, February 2, 1945
Pouring rain! Changed my mind a dozen times about going to conference. At last minute decided to leave my poor car in garage & walk to street car. A neighbor picked me up & took me to depot – I wore Cheryl’s rain cape & Connie’s rubber boots! Beige slacks & green umbrella. I was a sight – but was glad I went. It was [fine?]. The – G. S. licensed leaders’ conference was at Plummer Park in Hollywood. It is a lovely place & exceptionally fine buildings. There were at least 50 people there. I got some wonderful new ideas & saw many “old friends”. “Leo” Mrs. Pronty [?], asked if my Scouts would take over the “Scout’s Own” at Griffith Park Camp.
Went to Sears looking for boots afterward. Later waited 1 hr. & 10 minutes for a bus that never came at [?] H depot. Took another streetcar & walked 7/8 mile.
Brownie fly-up at Victory

Street cars, rain capes & rubber boots. I love how self-conscious she felt with her fashion being all cobbled together because of the rain - wearing her daughter's rain cape and her husband's boots.
Lots of great details about Girl Scouts (G.S.) and that she went shopping at Sears.


  1. I've just caught up on all the installments and am really enjoying them. Diaries can be such a fascinating look into another time.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying them! I think they're so fascinating because they're a look at the little everyday things that get left out of history books.


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