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Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 11

As you know, I did hours and hours of research scanning through hundreds of pages of newspapers on microfilm to dig up these articles about the Newsboys' Strike of 1899. Being the budding historian that I was, I didn't stop there. I wanted to know who these boys were, what their lives were like, and to get a better glimpse into what it took as a kid selling papers on the street.

So, I found books and reports written about the newsboys health, education, labor, and housing. The above photo is something I just found online today, which is amazing, because I have a copy of the book Sketch of the Formation of the Newsboys' Lodging-House by C. L. Brace published in 1867. I am missing a few pages by accident, but I wonder if the photo above is in any way related to the book! The book is full of wonderful detail and is a fascinating look into the newsboys' lives. As the book might be out in the public domain now, I'll have to see about getting a copy of it available onli…

Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 10

I'm so excited I found more pictures of myself dressed like a newsy! I'm glad to see that I'm smiling. So many of my pictures from this time I wanted to be serious. Teenagers. Ha! 😏

Speaking of pictures... today is very exciting. It's another article with more pictures of the newsboys! Now, I don't know if the pictures are more cartoon than real likenesses, but I like to think that the drawings bear a slight resemblance to the real boys made famous by the strike. In any case, these pictures are amazing. And once again, I'm pretty sure you can't find these anywhere else online, because of the gap in available online issues of the New York Daily Herald! So, feast your eyes, my friends and I'll see you tomorrow!

Here are the articles for Sunday, July 30, 1899.

**Please respect all my hard work and investment. Please do not copy, store, or share these photos elsewhere without permission and proper linking back to this blog as well as correctly referencing…

Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 9

The year of 1999 was an exciting one for Newsies and newsboy strike fans. It was the 100th anniversary! The fans united and started planning a big get together in New York City to celebrate. They made a t-shirt (I bought one!) and there were even rumors of inviting one of the stars from the movie, Max Casella. It was a big deal, and I was dying to go. But Indiana was just a bit too far away, and we could afford to drive all the way out there just to go to a history geek/movie fan party.

So, I missed it, and it was a huge bummer. I didn't know at the time that I would be going to New York the following year, just missing the 100th anniversary. But, what I did get to experience was something much deeper than a one-time party - I got to know the real newsies through newspaper articles, I met one of the cast from Newsies (Dee Caspary who played Snitch), and I had ample opportunities wandering the same streets they did, visiting the statue of Horace Greeley that's a big part of a …

Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 8

Ever since I was a girl, I was fascinated by 19th and early 20th century child labor in America. The book I've had since I was a teenager called Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Laboris a well-loved copy. Lewis Hine's work is compelling, brutally honest, and captured the children of that time in a sweet yet horrible way. His work fascinated me and it's what led me to hold a life-long interest in the Industrial Revolution and how its shaped people's lives. (You can learn more about Lewis Hine here.)

However romantic Disney has portrayed the newsboys' story, and no matter how cool Spot Conlan looks with his trademark cane (he was my fave!), the hard truth is that the newsboy life was hard, uncertain, and came with all the difficulties that a job outside in the elements entails. Many of the kids were in business for themselves while others helped out family. It's astounding in this day and age that kids so young were shouldering the responsi…

Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 7

Oh my gosh, you guys. I can't believe I actually found the pictures of myself dressed like a newsy! Just look at my "don't mess with me" expression. haha! (Don't mind the oval. I'm protecting my sibling's privacy.) 😊
I have to confess something. As a teen I watched the movie Newsies at least 50 times. Maybe more. I had it on VHS! Ooooh! I had the piano music and loved playing Santa Fe and Seize the Day. But it went much farther than that. When I finally got a nanny job in my dream location (near NYC on Long Island - of course!), after a couple months, I'd call home and talk with a New York accent. Oh my gosh. (Hand smack to the head!) Why my mother never said a word I don't know. She's such a sweet mom! haha!
So, yes, I own the movie now - on DVD. Have I ever watched it? Nope! Why, you ask? Because I still have the stinkin' movie memorized! haha! I may just have to dust it off to watch my with kids though. Being that it's the 120th a…

Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 6

You may have noticed that there are no articles covering the strike from the boycotted papers - The New York World and The New York Sun. And believe me, I looked! They absolutely don't cover it, and you have to admit it makes sense, though it also hints at something bigger: censorship in news, even when it doesn't favor the newspaper in question. I guess most newspapers are guilty of that! I mean, who wants to publish stuff bashing your own product? It could be a balance of censorship and the literal freedom of the press. What do you think?
You will see that things are starting to wind down. Less articles means less coverage and less interest. We'll really start to see that going forward, but a few papers like The Tribune hold on to the story. The Sun which had an explosion of articles yesterday and the day before starts to drop the story like a hot potato...

Something else significant about this day's articles are actually headlines for a different newsboys' stri…

Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Day 5

Until I started putting together this project, I'd completely forgotten that I'd ever written Newsies fan-fiction. But I found it! I haven't read through it yet, but I'm pretty sure it's bad. I have to say that writing fan-fiction is some of the most fun you can have as a writer. You take well-loved characters our for a spin and put them into all sorts of crazy situations. You can't ever publish that kind of work, but it's a great writing exercise. I got some awesome practice for future writing by writing Newsies, Lord of the Ring, and Harry Potter fan-fiction.

I'd say the best part is making new characters to interact with the main ones and coming up with names to fit the genre. And Newsies names are some of the most awesome to come up with. My name was Knickerbockers or "Knicks" for short (and my ambition was to try a knockwurst before I died. Still haven't managed that one yet, and I lived in New York for a year!). My cousin's name…