Newsboys' Strike: 120th Anniversary - Finale!

Aged 15
(Check out that old TV!)

We've made it to the end of the Newsboys' Strike 120th Anniversary! I hope you've enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the true story behind the newsboys' strike. While we can't rely 100% on the newspapers' reports on the matter, it does help to cross-check them to confirm facts. It's amazing to see how widely the strike spread, not just in New York City and its surrounding burroughs, but throughout the country as well - inspiring other kids to stand up for their rights and hoping to make a change. There's a lot we can learn from them. And I think it's good to know that while they didn't "win" per se, they seemed to have arrived at a satisfactory compromise which is good to know.

Besides the awesome picture of me above playing marbles in my "newsies" outfit (haha!), I've got a fun little bonus in honor of today's finale. I found some old Newsies fanfiction of mine and posted it up on my old profile over at for you to read at your pleasure! I can't promise you amazing literature, but it certainly gave me a few chuckles.

Enjoy and thanks for joining me for this awesome, historic adventure!

Click here to read my Newsies fan-fiction 


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