The Diary of Mrs. X - Installment 6

Now that things are settling here at home with the approach of the end of summer and the start of our homeschooling year (I can't wait for autumn!!), I thought it would be a good time to put up another Mrs. X installment. This is the first time she makes mention of her son who is serving in the military overseas, though she never mentions what branch of the military.

Friday, March 16, 1945
Cold worse.
This afternoon I met with part of my Youth Council Planning Committee at school. Then finished my Red Cross district. Got no money! Everyone claims to have given already. C. came home early to dine with Cheryl while I took his car & took Bev & Rodney to Ann H’s “party”. 18 boys & girls paid their own way to the Roller Bowl. I took 10 in our car! Was I mad! Mrs. H took 8 in her coupe! They had a wonderful time & she let them skate to the end. When we got back to the house at 11:45 some of the parents were waiting. They served ice cream & cake & I took 9 of them home! Bev & 4 girls stayed overnight. I can’t say I care for the general set-up at H’s. A new crowd which Beverly admires.
Took some wild plants to Charlotte H’s for identification today. She’s very helpful.
Letter from Jack – in France.

Saturday, March 17, 1945
Stayed in bed all morning. Cleaned house afternoon. Took Cheryl to meet Bev at the show & they came home together. Bev’s party split up after brunch. She has transferred her affections to a Jimmy S. since last night. He’s a cute one. One of those I took home last night. Sings beautifully. He & Rodney are close friends. Rodney sang on the way home with the girls & boys in the car. He has a fine deep voice and knows oodles of songs.
Sleeping in new sleeping bag.

Sunday, March 18, 1945
Worked in yard all day – C & I. Rodney was here all day. He & Bev made a smallish pen for the baby ducks & Mama – under eucalyptus tree. I draped chicken wire all over it – around the tree trunk. Very fancy. Transplanted lettuce. The M's dropped in. Had a veal roast for dinner! $2.50. They say meat is going to be scarcer than ever now. Oh, well. My cold was bad today but I stayed outside. Windy. Ch. to Sunday School.

These three entries are chock full of amazing information! I love hearing how the "teen" crowd hung out back then. They even had a sleepover! And I love how she talks about her daughter's affections being "transferred" overnight. haha! Things never change, do they?

The price of the meat and mention of rationing is one of the best parts. It's so mundane, but because there's talk of the meat being scarcer, all of a sudden, it's something to write about! Love, love, love these diary entries and all that they tell us. 


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