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The Diary of Mrs. X - Installment 7

Sorry it's been awhile, folks! What with moving and homeschooling and co-op and crazy writing & book stuff happening, it's been a bit of a whirlwind! I hope this new Mrs. X installment makes up for it though. It's short, but it's got some amazing things in it! Monday, March 19, 1945 Stayed in bed till 10 A.M. Feel much better than yesterday. All that work outdoors was good for me. C's cat was horribly mangled in front of our house last night. Shoveled it into a bucket of woon[?] — thought the garbage man would take it — but he didn't — so I buried it this evening. Didn't want Mr. C to see it — it was so  cut up! Also buried a dead hen this A.M. Don't know what was wrong with it. We're getting about 5 eggs a day now — including a banty egg. The four baby ducks seem happy in their new pen. — Tremendous  family wash today. Didn't wash last week. Jimmy S. walked part way home with Bev & Carolyn F. — & gave Bev his "slave brace