Ration Recipe: Orange Ginger Cookies

These past few months have been a whirlwind! I kept waiting for it to calm down, but it really hasn't. I've got more projects than ever before and not enough time to do them in. But, one project I was able to finally finish was a YouTube video of me demonstrating how to make a wartime recipe for Orange Ginger Cookies from the Victory Recipes cookbook.

I started out my college career with the plans of going into film making, so I do have a little bit of editing experience which was fun to dust off for this project! My film making plans didn't work out, but my minor editing skills did come in handy. Too bad my computer had other things to say about it. It is just not cut out for editing software. Oh well!

Check out the video HERE!

Here's the recipe for Orange Ginger Cookies with a bonus recipe for Ginger Snaps!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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