Autumn Wartime/Vintage Series

Welcome to the 2018 Vintage Autumn Celebration series featuring vintage maple recipes!
Week 1: Carrot Soup, Dressings for Fruit Salad I & II
Week 2: Mapled Apples & Mapleine Corn Candy
Week 3: Apple Roll & Maple, Cheese, and Nut Sandwiches
Week 4: Maple Nut Ice Cream & Maple Sauce
Week 5: Maple Tapioca Cream & Maple Sugar Diamonds
Week 6: Maple Chiffon Pie & Maple Icing
Week 7: Maple Syrup Cake & Maple Nut Fudge
Week 8: Mapleine Animals & Maple-Sugar Graham Crackers
Week 9: Maple Cinnamon Buns & Maple Mousse
Week 10: Maple Cream Gingerale & Maple Caramels
Week 11: Maple Nut Ice Cream & Maple Nut Brittle
Week 12: Mapleine Fried Ham & Maple Pumpkin Pie
Week 13: Mapley Finale!

Welcome to the 2017 Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food series!
Week 1: Spiced-Apple-And-Grapefruit Salad
Week 2: Sweet Potato in Apple Shells
Week 3: Campbell's Soup Ad
Week 4: Cranberry Sponge Pudding
Week 5: Farm Topics in Season
Week 6: Apple Griddle Cakes
Week 7: Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Week 8: Time and Sugar Savers
Week 9: Nut Pie
Week 10: Sweet Potato Souffle
Week 11: Suppers for Cold Evenings
Week 12: Cranberry Apple Ice
Week 13: A Wartime Autumn Meal!

Here's my 31 Day Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food series from October 2016!

Day 1: Intro and Hallowe'en Menu
Day 2: "Sunday Breakfast in October" & Buckwheat Cakes
Day 3: Toasted Carrots
Day 4: MOR Meat!
Day 5: Chopped Beef Sweet Potato Roll
Day 6: October Line A Day
Day 7: Glazed Sweet-Potato Balls
Day 8: Harvest Soup
Day 9: Pumpkin Cake
Day 10: Baked Apples
Day 11: Hot Gingerbread Ring with Applesauce
Day 12: Fried Stuffed Eggplant
Day 13: French Fried Sweet Potatoes
Day 14: October Food Calendar ca. 1937
Day 15: Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Ad
Day 16: Autumn Leaf Wafers
Day 17: Pabst Blue Ribbon Ad
Day 18: Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Day 19: Skillet Apple Cake
Day 20: Cranberry Mince Meat
Day 21: Apple Cider Tang
Day 22: Cranberry Nogg... and More!
Day 23: October Food Calendar ca. 1942
Day 24: Vegetable Cookies
Day 25: Sweet Potato Stuffing
Day 26: Durkee's Oleomargarine Ad
Day 27: Fall Fruit Salad
Day 28: Halloween Party Cake
Day 29: Apple-Peanut-Butter Crumble + Bonus Halloween Menus
Day 30: High Jinks Gives A Halloween Party!
Day 31: Coca-Cola Halloween Party + Bonus Recipe!


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