Wartime Menu Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 Wartime Ration Menu Challenge! I'm starting the challenge in March - the month food rationing was at its height for Americans in 1943. This year marks the 75th anniversary and I wanted to do a special challenge to commemorate that event. I'll be sharing a week's worth of original menus and recipes once a month for six months, so you can all follow and cook along!


Challenge Trial - Day 1
Challenge Trial - Day 2
Challenge Trial - Day 3

Start of the Challenge - downloadable menus & recipes
Corned Beef Dinner
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinners
Stuffed Green Peppers & Strawberry Kiss Pie
Lima Bean, Cheese, & Spiced Pork Casserole

April's Menus Are Here!
Creamed Cooked Meat & Soya Cornbread
Chicken Cutlets & Grapefruit Carrot Salad
Barbecue Cube Steak w/ Pennsylvania Dutch Spinach
Hamburg Delicious

May's Menus Are Here!
Corn Chowder, Liver Spread Sandwich & Dried Fruit Spread Sandwich
Mock Chicken Sandwich & Fluffernutter
Lemon Molasses Cupcakes

It's Time for June's Menus!
Cherry Cobbler

July's Menus Are Here!
Butterscotch Toast

August Menus - Finale!
Baked Bean Sandwich & Almond Jam Bars
Navy Bean and Peanut Butter Soup

Thanks for joining me on this challenge!


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